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The Man Who Won Rs 25 Crore by Breaking his 2 year old son Piggy Bank

Anoop, An Autorickshaw Driver Became Millionaire by breaking his son Piggy bank of his 2 year old Son ( Adwaith) in Onam, Kerala.

A Road Side Cook Switched to Driving an Auto Rickshaw to take Care of his Family

He Was Expecting a Visa from Malaysia next week to Join as chef at a Hotel but Won Rs 25 Crore.

But Never Won More than 2,000/- Rupees

Anoop have been buying lotteries since he was 22.

After Tax Deduction He Will get Rs 15.75 Crore 

Anoop Won the Jackpot Lottery Worth Rs 25 crore

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After Winning Jackpot he Rejected the Loan.

Funfact is that he had applied For 3 lakh Rupees Loan from Bank and was approved 

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